Breakfast Dish
Oats with greek yogurt & blueberries

Signature Dishes
Stuffed bell peppers (turkey) with brown rice & veggies
Quinoa toasted chicken parm with zoodles
Greek Salad (chicken & feta) Jar

Breakfast Dish
Protein banana egg pancakes

Signature Dishes
Hawaiian Chicken with quinoa & green beans
Salsa Pork tenderloin with black beans & Mixed green salad
Chicken Cacciatore with zucchini & brown rice

Breakfast Dish
Protein berry muffins

Signature dishes
Chopped Black bean and Turkey Taco Salad Jar
Pork tenderloin with mango salsa & smashed sweet potatoes

Breakfast Dish
Oatmeal, Greek yogurt & blueberries jar

Signature Dishes
Honey lime sriracha chicken with black beans & mixed greens salad
Asian pork & broccoli with brown rice
Turkey meatballs with quinoa and roasted veggies

Breakfast Dish
Turkey & veggie Mini Quiche

Signature Dishes
Chicken Cacciatore with Zucchini & Brown Rice
Pulled Pork with Sweet Potato Tots & Green Beans Amandine
White Chicken Chili with kale and Mixed green Salad

*Menu changes weekly