Real Meals Delivered

Panama City’s only dietitian owned meal prep service!

Real Meals Delivered is Panama City’s Dietitian owned and operated healthy food prep and delivery service, offering weeklong meals for the most discerning eaters.

Michelle Gautreaux, a Registered & licensed Dietitian with over 20 years combined education and experience, understands the barriers faced to have a healthy lifestyle. A lack of healthy options available (vs unhealthy), high amount of processed foods, a great deal of misinformation available to the public about how their diet should be, high cost of specialty foods/fad diets and weight loss programs along with limited time for busy individuals and families to prepare meals are REAL challenges faced every day!

Michelle is here to break down the barriers with you by developing a weekly menu of delicious fresh, wholesome REAL meals in the appropriate portions needed for your body. There is no reason to sacrifice quality, taste or freshness for convenience and health! Real Meals Delivered will ensure you are treated to superior meal prep in Panama City. Whether you’re seeking convenience, weight loss or optimal nutrition, we’ll make nourishing your body with real food a reality.

How It Works

Each week a menu will be emailed directly to you which is inspired by REAL, fresh ingredients and the whole nutrition they provide. We  prepare your meals in small batches in our Panama City kitchen and package them properly to ensure freshness. Then we deliver your order directly to you–we currently deliver meals in Panama City and surrounding areas. Then it’s up to you to enjoy your meals as you please and reap the benefits healthy, purposeful REAL nutrition has on your body. Start enjoying Panama City’s best meal prep delivery service, Real Meals Delivered.How It Works

Who It’s For

We are here to serve an array of customers from all over the Panama City Area. Our REAL food is for power lifters, diabetics, business people, busy working parents, crossfitters, doctors, teachers, brides, grooms and those who would just like to lose a few pounds. Enjoy real meals made convenient for you that were created with health, wellness and taste in mind. Contact us now to see how we can serve your needs.